Belgian Style French Fries?


What makes our Fries so special?  Keep reading to find out!

A Brief History of Belgian Fries – As it was told to us, Fries, or Frites, as we know them were introduced to American troops during WWI, while stationed in France with Belgian troops. These Belgian soldiers had a trick for frying the humble potato that was far better than anything the Americans had ever tasted. After the war, the returning American soldiers referred to these as “French Fries,” since they “discovered” them in France, although it was actually the Belgians that introduced them to this soon-to-be American classic. So there you have it!

First things first: We do NOT serve frozen pre-fab fries, ever! Never have, never will!
Why? We’re glad you asked!

  1. Health –
    Frozen fries, tots, onions rings, etc (including waffle fries and curly fries), are pre-fried in generic oils (usually GMO) that have additives including Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Tert-butylhydroquinone (tBHQ), and other ingredients for anti-foaming, color retention, and preservatives. Whether they come from a grocery store or a major food service distributor, they are almost ALL made this way. There can be MAJOR HEALTH RISKS associated with these additives (just Google them), and we REFUSE to serve you something we wouldn’t eat ourselves, period!

    We even use very select oils to fry in (not generic fryer oils, which contain the same nasty ingredients), zero additives, pure and simple! There are only three types of oil we currently use for various recipes, none of them generic, all pure, no additives of any kind!

  2. Taste –
    “My God, the fries!”
    “They actually taste like potatoes!”
    “Your fries are addicting!”

    These are quotes from real customers and reviews. Enough said!

HOW and WHY do we do what we do? “Why do you go to all that trouble, just for french fries?”
Because you deserve it, and we won’t settle for anything less!

Belgian Style French Fries, the traditional way (remember, fries weren’t invented in France!), twice fried, for flavor you can’t duplicate any other way!

First off, the WHY. Well, see above! We think that explains it. – And you won’t get the reactions in part 2 with any kind of frozen product, period…

Second, the HOW! We are a true hand-crafted kitchen, and our fries are no exception. You can’t buy these in the store, and when you find out what’s involved, you won’t want to bother at home!

We hand wash each potato, manually cut them, soak for several hours, drain/rinse, do a first fry, chill for several more hours, then fry to order. The temperature and time are different for each stage, tightly controlled (and no, we won’t tell you what the magic numbers are!). It take 5-6 hours MINIMUM to go from potato to your plate.

Being on a food truck, we’re only able to prepare and hold about 20-24 orders at a time, so YES, we do sell out regularly (we can’t just open another bag from the store!).

We take pride in the fact that we prepare REAL food from scratch, including our burger patties, sauces, pickles, and more (check back for our write-up about our pickles!). We don’t focus on pre-fab, we don’t concentrate on faux-meats (the one exception being that we offer a very secretly seasoned Beyond Meat pattie as a burger Option if someone prefers), we don’t open cans of beans and veggies and just season (we actually cook from scratch), we hand cut our fresh produce – the list goes on and on.

We are truly serving Hand-Crafted BISTRO CLASS Vegan Fare from the Convenience of a Food Truck! Come taste the difference for yourself!